best hydraulic post driver

Meet Best Hydraulic Post Driver | A Revolutionary Tool That  Kills The Messes

Remember the days of your usual post pounding job.

Countless hours on digging holes, setting up those giant posts, making and applying concrete to the bottom of the posts – that’s a mess. Whether you’re a farmer, rancher, fence contractor, or anything else, you might always face these problems when installing those giant posts.

Forget Your Misery Memories

If I don’t guess wrong, you’re here to find a better way to do the job. So, put those terrible memories aside for a while, I have a better option for you. 

Imagine, if you can set your fence posts without facing the hassles of making concrete, and even there is no need for digging holes. How it’d be? You’ll just need a machine and that’s it. And that mysterious tool is the hydraulic post drivers.

Why a hydraulic post driver?

Why would you drop your shovel and sledgehammer for a hydraulic post pounder? Because that’s the reason. It’s an incredible labor-saving invention that allows you to drive hundreds of fence posts within a few hours. 

Faster Operation and Convenient Usability

These machines work so much faster than the average hand post driver. All the other hand post drivers have limitations, whether it’d be manual or automatic. But using the best hydraulic post driver, you can drive any type and sized post into the ground. Don’t need to worry about the size or diameter of the post.

No digging

You won’t need to dig holes. This hydraulic post driver will penetrate the posts into the ground in your desired depth. So there will be no risk of displacing the posts.

What’s it like to use a hydraulic post driver?

When I first saw these at work in Joshs’ vlog, I was so surprised to see how this machine can set up a fence post and that literally requires no other help. He and his neighbor Brian, only two men, installed wood fence posts for a large fence line surrounding Brian’s’ farm. 

They didn’t require any other tools except the hydraulic post pounder mounted in a tractor. Brian had put a post in the correct position, and then Josh turned the driver on. The driver came down and pierced the post into the ground in a few smacks. 

How does it work?

The hydraulic system drops a spring-loaded hammer which usually provides several hundred to thousands of pounds of weight on the post. Using the hydraulic remote, you could easily control the driver.

Depending on your needs, there’s a variety of these tools out there. The most common and the best hydraulic post driver I’ve found so far is the tractor-mounted ones. Many brands manufacture these machines, Shaver is one of them.

I’ve not found any appropriate products on Amazon for an in-depth review, so I didn’t include them. But if you’re curious, then you can take a look at them below.


Hydraulic post drivers are something like a beast for their gigantic shape. They’re unbeatable in performance for driving fence posts. With the massive amount of convenience they provide, it’s worth spending some more bucks for buying. You’ll enjoy the results of this sacrifice on the ground.