3 best gas powered t post driver

Meet The Top 3 Gas Powered Post Drivers to Build Your Next Mighty Fence

I won’t waste any more time and energy just to install some fence posts. 

Lifting and hitting the post using a bulky post rammer again and again. That’s very tedious and a complete time waster. If I could find a more convenient device, that’d be great.

If that is you, then welcome. You’re now only a few hundred words away from your dream tools. I’ve sacrificed my time and energy to save yours and discovered the best fence post driver out there in the market.

You’ll forget that there were some difficulties driving fence and T posts. My recommended machines will save you time, reduce effort and decrease labor costs. You alone can operate and maintain those post drivers without anyone’s help. 

So where are those magical tools? Scroll down and you’ll discover the treasure.

What Makes Them The Best Fence Post Driver?

I’ve discovered these products from the leading brands of the industry. What makes them different from the rest? You might never find any better options than these post drivers. 

They come with unique and advanced features, incredible performance, and ultra-portability. These will – 

  • Save you time, 
  • Decrease fatigue,
  • Reduce labor costs.

Why Should You Buy a Gas Powered Post Driver?

Installing fence or T posts using the old manual rammer will kill your valuable time and make you tired. But you can save your time, money, and stamina by using a gas-powered post driver. 

These machines can drive in any post in less than a minute. You’ll only need to adjust the driver with a post and hold it by your hand, and that’s all you have to do. The rest of your work will do the post driver.

Let’s dive into the in-depth discussion on each one.

1, Rhino Multi Pro

Rhino tool is a leading brand that produces high-quality gas-powered post drivers. Their unique and innovative design ensures incredible performance in every tool.

Rhino Multi Pro is the most advanced and heavy gas-powered post driver in their production line. It’s the most ideal and the best fence post driver for commercial usage.

The driver can provide much power to drive for its larger body, hammer, and anvil assembly. You can drive everything in a short time from T-posts to terminal posts, U-channel to square anchor posts and tent skates, even 4” wood posts. You’ll get 3 extra chuck adapters with it.

Rhino’s Chuck-Lok adapters don’t need any tools to change the chuck. You can quickly change them in the field without facing any hassle. Using the extension handles, you can even drive in taller posts without any ladder. It’ll save time and reduce your effort.


  • It comes with additional adapters.
  • Larger parts to provide more driving power.
  • Expandable handles.
  • 12 months warranty.


  • No storage case.
  • A bit heavy. It weighs 44 pounds.

2, Titan PGD2000

If you need to work on a larger project but don’t want to spend too much money on buying post drivers, then you can go for the Titan PGD2000. With the proper balance between price and performance, it’s the best T post driver for commercial usage.

Operating at 1750 beats per minute and powered by a Honda GX35 4-stroke gas engine, it can drive up to 1-⅞” round posts under 10 seconds. But it’ll only cost you around $1000 which is half the price than the others. You can also drive T-posts, ½” to ¾” rods or rebar. Necessary sleeves for rods are available with the driver.

Its vibration-isolating handles give a comfortable feeling in operators’ hands. Though it’s affordable, the company doesn’t compromise any features in it. You’ll get a storage case, 12 months of manufacturer warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the hammer parts.


  • Affordable than the others.
  • It comes with a storage case.
  • Necessary tools to drive posts and rods up to 1-⅞”.


  • No expandable handles are available.
  • Copper will become discolored naturally, but the performance won’t be affected by this. But you can easily restore the original color by applying a copper cleaning solution.

3, Titan PGD3875

If you’re an occasional user, buying a high-priced post driver would be a waste of money. For driving less than a thousand posts, you won’t need many advanced features at all. 

If that is the case, you can go with Titan PGD3875. It has become the best gas-powered T-post driver under the $800 price range for the benefits it offers.

Powered by a 4-stroke Honda GX35 engine, it can operate up to 1350 beats per minute. Its 4” barrel allows you to drive in posts up to 3” in diameter. You can also work with 3-½” U-channel using this driver. You’ll also get 1,2 and 3 inches adapter sleeves with it. This driver weighs 50 LBS.


  • 12 months industry-standard warranty.
  • It comes with a storage case.
  • Includes necessary adapter sleeves and a tool kit for maintenance.


  • No expandable handles.
  • Heaviest weight.

A Guide to Find the Perfect Post Driver

You’ll find many gas-powered post drivers at various prices. Their prices especially depend on the features they offer.

Which one should you buy?

It depends on your needs. So, how can you determine your needs? There are many things to consider. If you’re looking for a post driver that is both affordable and meets your needs, then you can go for the model that’s priced between $300 to $800. 

If you look for the more powerful and featured ones, then you should pick the high-end ones which could cost up to $2000.

Here are some key aspects you should consider when you look for the best fence post driver.

Post Size Capacity

Every gas-powered post drivers come with a different design and functionality. The most important feature is the post size capacity. Pick one which can accommodate various post sizes. 

Some affordable units you can find in the market can’t drive different-sized posts. But my recommended ones have come with adjustable chuck adapters. You can install posts with different diameters using those post drivers.

An expandable handle will help you to drive taller posts without using any ladder. My top recommended one meets this useful feature.

Soil Type

Keep in mind, which type of soil you’re going to drive the posts. That’ll help you to choose the right post driver.

  • If you need to drive posts into soft ground, then a less strong post driver will be enough for you.
  • If the ground is dry and much harder, then you should buy a more powerful one.

Number of Posts

Calculate how many posts you’re going to drive before purchasing the post driver.

Get a stronger post driver if you need to regularly install fences or if you run a fencing constructing business. In that case, you’ll need to drive many fence posts. 

Check the time it takes to drive a post before buying. The less it’ll take to complete the job, the better it’d be. So, you can install the highest amount of posts in your work time.


These gas-powered fence post drivers come in various sizes, weights, and performances. Try to choose the best one that meets all your needs. My advice might help you to do that. 

Keep in mind the soil type, the number of posts you’re going to install. Check the post driver if it has adjustable chuck adapters and expandable handles or not. Also, carefully check the build quality and ease of use it’ll provide.