5 Best Load Binders for 2023

Securing the loads for transportation is very much important to avoid any mishap. Most of the time, loads are handled without any hitch. But you should be aware always because even a single mistake could bear a massive amount of losses for you. Imagine if the loads slipped or slide off from the truck, what will happen then?

So, moving a truck freight from start to finish needs some extra care. The most important thing is binding the loads to keep the materials intact.

People are using transportation grade chains to do the job. It is stronger than the typical binding ropes. But if the chains are not tightened enough, what will happen then? There is no guarantee if the loads will reach the destination without being wounded or not.

The tightness of the chains is very much important. Load binders are being used to tighten the chains. It’s used to hold the products in a place by tightening the chains. There are many types of load binders. You could be messed up because of the vast amount of products and sellers.

So, to avoid distractions you can follow our buyers guide on the Best Load Binders in 2022. This guide will be helpful for you with the necessary help to pick the right one.

Quick pick for busy people

How do we pick them?

We have considered some important things to pick the products. Some of those are durability, functionality, strength, and other kinds of stuff.

We didn’t buy the products but instead, we do a lot of research on the product that makes our review more valuable. We have checked the ratings, buyers’ reviews, and user experiences.

That’s why we are very much confident in our decision! Let’s see what gems are waiting for you that we have collected.

Peerless Ratchet Style Folding Handle Load Binder With 2 Grab Hooks – 18,100 lbs. Safe Working Load (For 1/2” Grade 100 or 5/8” Grade 80 Chain – Pack of 2)

Here comes our first pick for the best load binders in our review. This tool has a huge number of advantage that makes it one of the best tools out there. Its beneficial features might appeal to anyone.

This folding ratchet-style binder comes in a pack of 2 binders with a load limit of 18,100 lbs. Its 14 inches long handle provides a much ratcheting force that will help you to tighten the binder.

The first thing that makes it more valuable is its folding handles. These handles can tuck away when not in use. So you don’t need to be anxious about safety.
It also has two grab hooks. These hooks are compatible with the 1/2 inches Grade 80 and 5/8 inches Grade 80 chains.

It has a nice folding ratchet which provides extra leverage and flexibility. It will make your tasks easier to handle and give you more convenience. You will notice the differences before and after using the binder.

Another interesting feature is its 3-position pawl that gives the tool more usefulness. For the unique style of the pawl, you can extend, take up or freely spin the binder. These features will help you to quickly adjust the binder in any direction.

In the working time, you might expect a more expedited tool to complete your tasks in an easier way. This tool will fulfill your expectancy with its vinyl-coated barrel. You will get a comfortable and strong grip for the excellently designed barrel.

So, from first to last this load binder is the greatest one above all others. It fulfills all the expectations of the buyers.


This binder exceeds all the CVSA and DOT requirements.
Its padlock hole is temper resistant which provides extra security and is long-lasting.
This binder installs very quickly, so you don’t have to waste your time tightening the chains.


This binder is a little bit expensive for the vast amounts of features. So, the price explicitly goes higher. But you will love it for the efficiencies it provides.

3/8″ Transport Hauling Load Package – (4) Ratchet Binders – (4) 10′ Foot Chains

Our second choice for the review is this quad package of load binder and chains. It’s provided by Advantage Rigging. These are quite strong and durable. At the time when we are writing this review, this tool was the number 1 position on the Amazon best sellers page.

You will get 4 load binders with the same amount of chains. Its only 50 pounds of item weight increases its portability. For the strong steel-made body of the binder, you will be able to securely haul the heavy-weight loads.

This binder has a transport grade of 70 and a size of 3/8″. It’s compatible with 3/8″ chains of grade 70 and 1/2″ chains of grade 40. This is a package of 4 ratchet binders with the same amount of 10 feet long chains. For the 4 extra 10 feet of transport chains, you will reassure of buying the extra necessary chains.

Its alloy steel-made construction makes it very strong. Which gives it much strength to hauling heavy-weight loads. The binders have 9200 lbs load limits whereas the chains have 6600 lbs capacity. So you could easily tie the bulky freights.


As well as this package comes with binders and chains both, you don’t have to spend extra money to buy chains.
These binders are China-made but the chains are US-made. So, you might get a better service from the chains.
The chains and the binders both are of the highest quality and are made of heavy-duty steel. They have the DOT approval for transportation.


It costs more than the others but for the whole package, it does not seem too much expensive.
At the time we are writing this review, the seller offers free shipping for the product. That is probably a fantastic deal for anyone else.

Discount Ramps Red Load Binder Ratchet

This load binder ranked in the third position for the worthiness it contains. This has come with an adjustable length of 23 inches to 30 inches. It has a heavy-duty forged steel-made body with enough strength that you need.

It is used to secure the loads up to 9200 lbs with a break strength of 33000 lbs. Its hooks extend up to 8 inches which is very much useful to properly adjust the tightness. This tool excellently works with both 3/8″ and 1/2″ chain loops.


It is painted with thick red paint which gives protection to the binder from rust.
This is easy to use, strong, and also durable. It is DOT approved for commercial transport.


It is a little bit more costly than the other single ratchet-type load binders. But for the eff you will love it.

Our 4th contestant is the 5/16”-3/8” Ratchet Buckle Chain Load Binder. It is very much beautiful, more handy and useful than the others. This load binder is very much functional. So it’s become more worthy and excellent for hauling.

The most noticeable feature is its buckle binder which comes with a grade 100 5/16 inches chain. And it makes obsolete all the other chain tightening tools because of no need for extra tools and bars. So you don’t need to worry about and hustle-bustle with them.

It has a load limit of 4700 lbs and breaking strength of 14400 lbs. Also has an adjustable range of 1 foot.

Vulcan Classic Lever Style Load Binder with 2 Grab Hooks – 5,400 lbs. Safe Working Load (for 5/16” Grade 70 or 3/8” Grade 43 Chain)

Our last pick for you is a lever load binder. We’ve considered the price range at this point. This product is the cheapest one above all the others. It would be great for daily tasks such as securing farming equipment or you can use it also for hauling.

Its lever-style handle will give you extra leverage. It’s very simple to use and straightforward, thus it is designed for quick and secure loading. You can quickly tighten any chain on the trucks or trailers using this.

It has a high weight limit of 5400 lbs that will help you to work safely. This binder works with 5/16″ grade 70 or 3/8″ grade 43 chains both.


A lever binder adjusts swiftly for the simple construction it has.
It is much cheaper than the others. So anyone can easily buy it for them.


A ratchet binder is preferable to the lever binders. It requires greater strength to use which is not owned by everybody. So, if you don’t have enough strength to use this tool, you can have the ratchet binders which are very easy to use.

Table on the best load binders:

picksBest Chain Load BinderOur RatingAmazon Link
1 3/8″ Transport Hauling Load Package – (4) Ratchet Binders – (4) 10′ Foot Chains 4.8Check Price
2 2 Pack Truck Trailer Load Binder Ratchet Chain Binder for 1/4″ to 5/16″ Chain (Working Load Limit: 2,600 LBS) 4.5Check Price
3 Elitexion Ratchet Type Chain Load Binder 1/4 – 5/16 inch (2,600 Lbs)4.8Check Price

How do you pick the best load binders? – The Ultimate Buying Guide You Will Ever Need!

Load binders will secure your loads during transportation time. Traffic accidents are a very common issue nowadays. You must not take any risks. So it is very much important to make sure the security of the loads on the trucks.

Load binders are widely used to secure the loads from any transportation mishap. Because of their lot of effectiveness, it is an in-demand tool in the market. You might find a huge number of vendors selling it. So you could become confused because of the variety of products. Many questions could arrive at your head.

What should I buy?
Which will be perfect for me?
Does it durable or not?
How much freighting capacity should a binder have?

Let us mitigate your confusion. If you decide to take the best load binder, you should think about your needs. You should also have some general knowledge of the tool.

What kinds of stuff you are going to transport?

There are a lot of devices around you to choose from. It depends on what things are you going to deliver and the quantity. Before picking a device you must check its ability.

What about strength and durability?

Chain binders are made with steel which gives them much strength and durability. So don’t need to worry at this point.

How many types of binders out there?

These are very much important tool for transportation purposes. Generally, there are two types of load binders available in the market. They are
1.Ratchet Binder &
2.Lever Binder
The tightening method of the binders differentiates the two types. Let’s take a look at each binder one by one.

Ratchet Binder – These binders have a more complex mechanism than the lever binders with more advantages. On each end, it has two tension hooks and has a ratchet handle. These tools contain gear, handles, pawl, etc.

These types of binders are easier to use than lever binders and have a low risk of bar recoiling or snapping. These features make the ratchet binders more user-friendly and safer than the lever binders.

Lever Binder – These binders are also known as lever chain/lever load or snap binders. These tools have a lever to tighten the chains to secure cargo with tension hooks on each end. These are very simple to install with a user-friendly design and fewer moving parts.

Though it is simpler than the ratchet binders it requires more strength to tighten the chains. So, sometimes people use cheater bars to tighten it.
Both binders above work similarly. It’s up to you to pick the right one based on your needs.

What size of the chain will match to my needs and how do I choose?

Chains are differentiated by their grades. You will find two main grades of chain and they are –
Grade 43 high test chain
These chains are being used for stationary but not for transportation purposes.
Grade 70 transport chain
These chains are for transportation purposes on a flatbed or other such vehicles.

What about the size?

Load binders come in a variety of sizes. Suppose you have a 5/16″ – 3/8″ Binder. Here, the 5/16″ specifies that you can use the binder with 5/16 inches Grade 70 or 3/8 inches Grade 43 chains.

You can use small binders with both 5/16″ or 3/8″ chains but if the load binders are weaker than the chain, it can go wrong. If you are using a 3/8″ Grade 70 chain, it will be best to pair it with a 3/8″ – 1/2″ load binder. Then the chain and the binder will be of equal strength.

So before you buy, just check out the size, loading limit, break strength, and other necessities.

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The Last Words

If you go through the above review and the buying guide, you will get a good idea of the load binders. After that, buying the best load binder will be as much easy for you as buying candy. You should ensure all the above objectives before buying. So that you will get the right thing for your works which will please you.

Let us know about your choice in the comment section below thus we can have a good idea of your preferences. Your preference will help us introduce you to much better dictates that can help you in the future.