Best Chick Brooder for 2023

A chicken brooder is a very essential equipment piece for chicks, ducklings, or small birds. It works like a lifesaver for the faunal. And there is no such a great alternative if you intend to hatch and raise chicks in your home yourself. The brooder is the place where your chicks are kept safe and warm, watered and fed until they grow enough to take care of themselves and ready to be released with the bigger hens into the yard.

You can simply make a brooder for your chicks at home with a plastic box, cardboard, or bathtub with a brooder heat lamp. It’s quite simple and easy. But we’d like to recommend you to have a chicken brooder kit if you don’t have proper experience of making a brooder yourself. That’s because a tiny mistake can harm your chicks badly. So, it’s a clever idea to get the best chick brooder for your chicks.

Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder:

So, as you’re here, we assume you’ve decided to buy chick brooder heater instead of making a homemade brooding heater. And when you’re here for finding the best chick brooder, we are glad to name the Brinsea Ecoglow brooder simply. This brooder performs as the best chick brooder for your chicks. This is the far safer brooder than any other brooder, basically! Actually, this brooder kit is made to take the proper care of your chicks at home so that you can raise your chicks significantly without any major trouble.
Let’s find out more about this chick brooder in this best chick brooder review-


The Brinsea Ecoglow chicks brooder is the far safer brooder compared with other brooders. This brooder uses a low-wattage heat lamp that provides an ambient temperature for the chicks as well as saves great power. This starter kit is designed to keep the chicks warm without any kind of harm under the brooder. Additionally, the chicks can move freely wherever they wish under or near the brooder while getting comfortable heat.

You can support up to 20 chicks, birds of ducklings with a single brooder in your own house. Just site a brooder is a flat place where it won’t get an accidental kick and introduce it to your chicks. The brooder will take the rest of the care for chicks. And don’t worry if the chicks accidentally put down the water pot. The brooder won’t get damaged because of the water.

Radiant Heat Provider:

This brooder starter kit comes with included operational 12 volts from the main transformer and consumes up to 18 watts of electricity. The low-temperature heater produces ambient heat that keeps the chicks very comfortable with the minimum uses of electricity power. It not only serves you the best but also saves you money. On the other hand, the 10 feet included power cable helps for extended reach.

Easy to Use:

This EcoGlow brooder is an easy to assemble, durable, and easy to use unit. You can simply use it without any major trouble. The easy-assemble feature lets you assemble or disassemble the brooder real quickly and simply. You can do it within a moment whenever you need to. The great durability of the kit keeps you worry-free and lets you use the kit for a long time. The cabinet of the kit is made of antimicrobial polyurethane plastic that provides extreme durability and resistance to bacterial contamination. Polyurethane plastic is nonconductive and it has good abrasion, chemical, and UV radiation resistance. It’s also resistant to oil, electricity, heat, weather, tearing, ozone, and various chemicals. The brooder is suitable for any waterfowl.

Additionally, there is a built-in indicator light that lets you know if the brooder is connected or not. It’s a quite simple but useful feature for a chick brooder. Basically, using the brooder is fun; you’ll find it while using it.

Adjustable Height settings:

The Brinsea EcoGlow chicks brooder offer you 3 different height adjustment setups that help a lot to provide the convenient temperature to the chicks depending on the size, number, and age. You can simply adjust the height to adjust the heating temperature of the brooder. Besides, you have to make the height higher when the chicks grow bigger. And this kit allows you to do it significantly in a moment where other kits need difficult efforts. This adjustable height setting is a great additional feature in this kit, in our opinion.

Compact & portable:

The measurement of the kit is 12x8x8 inches which are quite compact and portable. As we mentioned above, the easy-assemble feature of the kit has taken this brooder to a whole new level of portability. You can disassemble and carry it easily when you need it.
Actually, this little kit is made for extreme economical use in your house and this one does it perfectly. This little compact brooder is able to take the proper care of your lovely chicks and provide you relief. We can ensure you one thing, if you get this unit, you’ll go one step ahead of taking care of your chicks, seriously!


Suitable for all ages of chicks;
Durable, portable, and easy-assemble brooder;
Far safer than any other chick brooder starter kit;
Abe to take proper care of your chicks;
Comes at an affordable price;
Able to support up to 20 chicks;
3 different adjustable height settings;


Not efficient for a large brooder because of its heater doesn’t provide a lot of heat;
Simple brooder pen so the active chicks work out quickly to escape;

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Help & Advice:

The Brinsea EcoGlow chick brooder is designed for extreme economical use. This brooder is made especially for small numbers of chicks, birds, or ducklings. You can support up to 20 chicks with this brooder.

In order to use this kit significantly, you should understand how to get the best use of it. This kit is a low-power unit and there is no margin of spare heat. You need to take some precautions of the number, size, age, and species of the chicks, birds, or ducklings depending on the ambient temperature in the storing room.

To make sure of providing the perfect temperature, you can adjust the height of the brooder. It’s better to set the unit on a lower height setting if you’re in doubt of the temperature. If the chicks stay away then adjust the height up. The chicks will stay under the brooder when they find a comfortable temperature. The number of chicks is also a factor.

And if you find your chicks stay away from the brooder then it’s a good idea to confine them in cardboard so that they can get the conserves warmth under the brooder and move freely into the board as they wish. It’s really a good step to give them an opportunity to move freely under the warmth whenever they want. You may try “Avianweb Chick Brooder & Enclosure Pack” which is s complete kit pack that keeps your chicks warm and confined. This pack has the Brinsea EcoGlow chicks brooder included.

In addition, if you have more than 20 chicks or if you feel that one unit isn’t good enough for providing efficient heat, then you can consider getting 2 units.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Who is this chick brooder for?

Anyone who starts with chicks and wants to raise them himself/ herself in his/ her own home from day-old right through to the free-ranging layers.

  1. How can I monitor the temperature of the brooder?
  • Actually, you don’t need to. The brooder provides a significant temperature automatically. Your chicks will get comfortable temperature under the brooder, all the time.
  1. Is the yellow plastic sturdy enough to drill holes for a better adjustable mount?
  • The unit comes with 3 different adjustable height setups. You can simply adjust the height as the chicks get bigger. You don’t need to drill.
  1. Does it work for all types of chicken?
  • Yes, this chick brooder is pretty good for all types of chicken. You don’t need to worry about.
  1. Is it good for ducklings?
  • Yes, it is. You can use it for chicks, ducklings and small birds.

Final Words:

So, at last, we’re at the bottom. We hope you have decided if this brooder is perfect for you or not! Actually, this is a pretty fairly pricey brooder and able to fulfill all of your requirements. This little kit is made to satisfy you by helping take care of your chicks. In a word, we must confess this Brinsea EcoGlow chicken brooder is the best chicken brooder simply. Do not hesitate anymore; just go and grab one.

If you have further questions or need any solution about chicken brooder, then feel free to ask. Just comment below, and we’ll try to get back to you soon with the solution. We’ll be happy if we can help you out. Until then, good luck for your chicks and stay blessed!