Best Gantry Crane Reviews of 2021 – Buying Guide

Lifting and shifting heavy materials is very difficult. However, it’s a general task in the majority of factories. For a single person, it is very difficult to lift such a massive object like car engines or other large materials. Using a tool can produce a great impact on your way of work. It is much helpful to simply implement your job quickly.

Here comes the big question! What is a superb tool that can solve your problems easily? Is it able to relieve the daily hustle bustle for you?
Yeah, that’s gantry cranes! It will release you from the exhausting tasks and be able to operate them more fluently in an efficient way.

These tools are used to lift or transporting large materials. It will reduce your labor and minimize your working time. So that you will be able to save much time to enjoy with your family and friends!
Wait a minute! Why don’t you buy an industrial weightlifter instead of a gantry crane?
As they provide a lot of extra benefits such as automation?

Here, you have to consider that industrial equipment is expensive. Think about yourself, suppose you run a repairing shop. Then you have to lift only 2 to 3 tons of weight engines. You don’t have to lift the objects again and again in a moment.
So what is the necessity of the automation here which will cost more?
For the small factories or warehouses, the story remains the same.
So, what is the need for such an expensive machine that provides a lot of useless extra advantages?
Does it bother your way of work?

If not, why don’t you bought such a tool that is highly beneficial?
And also specially made by considering your works at an affordable price?
Gantry cranes are very useful for their handy size and worthiness. It is a necessity for all types of small to medium workshops. As they need a tool to lift objects within a small space, small gantry crane can fulfill their needs. Here are our top picks below for you from the Amazon. (Table updated)

*Best Gantry CraneOur RatingAmazon Link
1Titan Adjustable Telescoping Gantry Crane 4.8Check Price
2Vestil AHA-2-8-12 Aluminum Adjustable Crane4.8Check Price
3Vestil AHS-6-10-14 Steel Adjustable Height Gantry Crane4.5Check Price

How do we select them?

If you wish to have such a useful tool, you have to consider some important factors before buying. These cranes are used to lifting heavy stuff, so you must think a twice about the durability before it is gone wrong.

For the efficiencies and usefulness, these tools are in demand on the market. I won’t surprise if their price goes too high. There are many people looking for low-priced gantry crane for sale. But I highly recommend you to not do that. Because of the low cost, it might be a reflection of the lack of quality.
This is a very serious purchase which is inextricably involved with your work. So, think twice before buying!

We have searched all over the Amazon and tried to choose the right one for you. It’s really hard to pick the better ones from the web. Especially when you are buying online.
We have tried our best to pick the right one for you. When we select the products, we have considered some things such as durability, efficiency, affordability, functionality, ratings etc. Hope our guideline might satisfy you to buy the right product. Our top picks for you are given below.

Titan Telescoping Gantry Crane – 2000 lb Capacity

Here comes our hero, the Titan Adjustable Telescoping Gantry Crane. We have chosen this for the top is for its amazing features which might satisfy anyone. These features are loaded with enormous utilities.

The first noticeable thing is its locking casters. This feature might appeal to anyone thus it gives the crane more mobility. You could fulfill your tasks more easily by using this. Probably you will love this for its mobility. When you need to stand in a place, you can lock it to stick in. It also helps you to get a strong base when lifting. So you don’t need to worry about the risk.

It has a telescopic boom that makes the product more desirable. The boom helps to raise and lower the height according to the roofs. This boom gives the crane an adjustable height from 94 to 144 inches.
The Titan comes with easily adjustable locking pins which make the titan unique and more user-friendly. The locking pins will help you to adjust the boom height of the breeze.

You might expect durability in such an ideal product. The titan surely appeases you in that case. These Titan models are made using high-quality materials with all steel construction. That gives them the ability to lifting unabatedly and sometimes it increases up to two tons according to the models.

It has a weight of 370 pounds, so it’s easy to move also which will produce a great user experience.I think it’s one of the best out there in the market. Its handy features make it more valuable.


The most amusing thing is its price range and it’s one of the biggest reason for its excellence. The Titan is much affordable for the quality on the market. At the time of writing this review, the 1-ton model was just for $649.95 with free shipping!


This cranes neither comes with hoisting gear nor a trolley. But, thus it’s more affordable than the others you could probably save enough money to purchase all other necessary gears.
I think the Titan is the ideal one considering the price and the features!

Vestil AHA-2-8-12 Aluminum Adjustable Gantry Crane, 2000 lb. Capacity, 8′ Overall Beam, 96″ Usable Trolley Travel Distance, Under I-Beam Range 114″-144″, 150″ Height

Here comes our runner-up! Our 2nd choice is the Vestil AHA-2-8-12 Aluminum Adjustable Gantry Crane. Though it’s slightly a bit more expensive but the durability and heavy-duty with 1-ton lifting capacity must be considered.
The Vestil AHA comes with many vital features. It’s durable, strong and long-lasting. It has four nylon swivel castors with 4-way positional locking system. Which gives you the facility of safe positioning.

You will find the excellence in its aluminum construction. That’s why it’s lightweight and becomes handier. For the lightweight, even a single person can use it very easily. Though it’s made with aluminum, you could easily adjust the height of the I-Beam. You won’t need a hoist or fork truck for that purpose.

It has an overall height of 150 inches with 96 inches length and 53.75 inches width.
Its long-lasting usability makes it more useful. Its aluminum made body gives it corrosion-resistance. So, you don’t need to worry about its decay. It is perfect for outdoor use.
This is compliant with applicable CMAA and ANSI specifications. That’s why it is much safer than others.


It is very easy to assemble because of its pinned connections. Even a single person can quickly set it up in just a minute.


This is more expensive than the previous one. But for the quality, it deserves the worthiness.

Vestil AHS-6-10-14 Steel Adjustable Height Gantry Crane, 6000 lbs Capacity, 10′ Length x 8″ Height Beam, 103″-169″ Usable Height

The third item in our review is the AHS-6-10-14 Steel Adjustable Height Vestil Gantry Crane. We like it mainly for the maximum weight capacity. It has tripled the lifting capacity than the previous ones at 3 tons. That makes it more preferable.
You could easily lift the huge materials for the heavy-duty structure. It has long-lasting usability and much strength for the welded steel construction.

Almost 830 pounds weight makes the crane very heavy with a solid body structure.
It is very helpful while unloading for its mobility and you will feel free to work using this crane. For safe positioning, it has large swivel phenolic casters with roller bearings.
This model has an adjustable minimum height of 103 and the maximum is 169 inches. That is much helpful if the tasks require inconstant heights. This has a total length of 119.8 inches and has a width of 89.8 inches.


It is more flexible than the fixed height cranes. You will be able to quickly set it up this for the swift setup design.


You won’t get any hoist or trolley with this. You have to buy them separately. But for the perfect combination of price-point and the performance, you will love it.

Vestil FHS-2-15 Fixed Height Steel Gantry Crane, 2000 lbs Capacity, 15′ Length x 6″ Height Beam

The final selection in our review is the Vestil FHS-2-15 Fixed Height Steel Gantry Crane. It has the most affordable price amongst the all others above-mentioned. As well as it is cheaper than the others, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

The FHS is very similar to the AHS models but with a little bit of difference. It is designed to be fixed height whereas the others come with the advantage of variable heights. With the fixed height of 126 inches, it has an overall length of 177 inches and the width is 64.5 inches.

It is more economical than permanent ones. Its convenient flexibility with 1-ton lifting capacity will speed up your work in an efficient way.


It is made of steel with blue powder coating. That means it’s more indefectible than the ordinary ones. The powder coating paint provides a long-lasting lifetime.


You won’t get any hoist and trolley with it. But for the affordable price, you can save enough money to spend for the other necessities.

Choosing the Perfect Gantry Crane – The Ultimate Buying Guide you will Ever Need!

Crane Dreamnight shadow
Crane Dreamnight shadow

Before purchasing a gantry crane via online it’s very important to consider a few things. At first, think about your needs. What would be the main purpose of that?
If you are working on a garage, it might be for lifting heavy engines out of vehicles. In this case, you must consider the weight lifting capacity. Or, you may use it for shifting heavyweight products around in a warehouse.
If so, your consideration should about be the moving and transporting specs.
So, it’s all about your needs.

Another important thing to consider is the height. The minimum height should be smaller than the ceiling of the workspace. Most of our preferred gantry cranes come with the height adjustable specification.
And the last thing you need to know that, these cranes doesn’t come with a complete package. You have to buy additional parts to complete the setup such as a hoist or a trolley. So, calculate your budget properly before ordering.

Things to Consider Before Buying

From lifting to moving heavyweight products around your warehouse, it will make your job easier. It could solve the problems which you may face in the working time. Simplifying the difficulties, it will release you from the annoying stuff. You will be able to do the lifting and transporting jobs more accurately by this efficient tool.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice. Ask yourself about your needs, think about your works. Do you work with heavyweight things? How much lifting ability do you need?
And the most important question is how much durable the product is?

I would never spend money on a low-quality product which is going to be replaced in a short while. I highly recommend to consider the durability first, thus it can produce a great impact on the long run.

These cranes are very essential for your workspace. It will help you to complete the tasks easily with safety. Now it’s your take to take heed and make a worthwhile decision. So, which one you are considering to buy?
What worthiness will you prefer the most before buying?