Best Gantry Crane Reviews of 2022 – Buying Guide

Lifting and shifting heavy materials is very difficult. However, it’s a general task in the majority of factories. For a single person, it is very difficult to lift such a massive object like car engines or other large materials. Using a tool can produce a great impact on your way of work. It is much helpful to simply implement your job quickly.

These tools are used to lift or transport large materials. It will reduce your labor and minimize your working time. So that you will be able to save much time to enjoy with your family and friends!
Wait a minute! Why don’t you buy an industrial weightlifter instead of a gantry crane?
As they provide a lot of extra benefits, such as automation?

How do we select them?

If you wish to have such a useful tool, you have to consider some important factors before buying. These cranes are used to lifting heavy stuff, so you must think twice about the durability before it is gone wrong.

For the efficiencies and usefulness, these tools are in demand on the market. I won’t surprised if their price goes too high. There are many people looking for low-priced gantry cranes for sale. But I highly recommend you to not do that. Because of the low cost, it might be a reflection of the lack of quality.
This is a very serious purchase which is inextricably involved with your work. So, think twice before buying!

We have searched all over Amazon and tried to choose the right one for you. It’s really hard to pick the better ones from the web. Especially when you are buying online.
We have tried our best to pick the right one for you. When we select the products, we have considered some things such as durability, efficiency, affordability, functionality, ratings, etc. Hope our guidelines might satisfy you to buy the right product. Our top picks for you are given below.

Here comes our hero, the Titan Adjustable Telescoping Gantry Crane. We have chosen this for the top is for its amazing features which might satisfy anyone. These features are loaded with enormous utilities.

The first noticeable thing is its locking casters. This feature might appeal to anyone thus it gives the crane more mobility. You could fulfill your tasks more easily by using this. Probably you will love this for its mobility. When you need to stand in a place, you can lock it to stick in. It also helps you to get a strong base when lifting. So you don’t need to worry about the risk.

It has a telescopic boom that makes the product more desirable. The boom helps to raise and lower the height according to the roofs. This boom gives the crane an adjustable height from 94 to 144 inches.
The Titan comes with easily adjustable locking pins which make the titan unique and more user-friendly. The locking pins will help you to adjust the boom height of the breeze.

You might expect durability in such an ideal product. The titan surely appeases you in that case. These Titan models are made using high-quality materials with all-steel construction. That gives them the ability to lift unabated and sometimes it increases up to two tons according to the models.

It has a weight of 370 pounds, so it’s easy to move also which will produce a great user experience.I think it’s one of the best out there in the market. Its handy features make it more valuable.


The most amusing thing is its price range and it’s one of the biggest reasons for its excellence. The Titan is much more affordable for the quality on the market. At the time of writing this review, the 1-ton model was just for $649.95 with free shipping!


These cranes neither come with hoisting gear nor a trolley. But, thus it’s more affordable than the others, you could probably save enough money to purchase all other necessary gears.
I think the Titan is the ideal one considering the price and the features!

Vestil AHA-2-8-12 Aluminum Adjustable Gantry Crane, 2000 lb. Capacity, 8′ Overall Beam, 96″ Usable Trolley Travel Distance, Under I-Beam Range 114″-144″, 150″ Height

Here comes our runner-up! Our 2nd choice is the Vestil AHA-2-8-12 Aluminum Adjustable Gantry Crane. Though it’s slightly a bit more expensive, the durability and heavy-duty with 1-ton lifting capacity must be considered.
The Vestil AHA comes with many vital features. It’s durable, strong, and long-lasting. It has four nylon swivel castors with a 4-way positional locking system. Which gives you the facility of safe positioning.

You will find excellence in its aluminum construction. That’s why it’s lightweight and becomes handier. For the lightweight, even a single person can use it very easily. Though it’s made with aluminum, you could easily adjust the height of the I-Beam. You won’t need a hoist or fork truck for that purpose.

It has an overall height of 150 inches with 96 inches in length and 53.75 inches in width.
Its long-lasting usability makes it more useful. Its aluminum-made body gives it corrosion resistance. So, you don’t need to worry about its decay. It is perfect for outdoor use.
This is compliant with applicable CMAA and ANSI specifications. That’s why it is much safer than others.


It is very easy to assemble because of its pinned connections. Even a single person can quickly set it up in just a minute.


This is more expensive than the previous one. But for the quality, it deserves the worthiness.

Vestil AHS-6-10-14 Steel Adjustable Height Gantry Crane, 6000 lbs Capacity, 10′ Length x 8″ Height Beam, 103″-169″ Usable Height

The third item in our review is the AHS-6-10-14 Steel Adjustable Height Vestil Gantry Crane. We like it mainly for the maximum weight capacity. It has tripled the lifting capacity than the previous ones at 3 tons. That makes it more preferable.
You could easily lift the huge materials for the heavy-duty structure. It has long-lasting usability and much strength for welded steel construction.

Almost 830 pounds weight makes the crane very heavy with a solid body structure.
It is very helpful while unloading for its mobility, and you will feel free to work using this crane. For safe positioning, it has large swivel phenolic casters with roller bearings.
This model has an adjustable minimum height of 103 and the maximum is 169 inches. That is much helpful if the tasks require inconstant heights. This has a total length of 119.8 inches and has a width of 89.8 inches.


It is more flexible than fixed-height cranes. You will be able to quickly set it up for the swift setup design.


You won’t get any hoist or trolley with this. You have to buy them separately. But for the perfect combination of price-point and the performance, you will love it.

Vestil FHS-2-15 Fixed Height Steel Gantry Crane, 2000 lbs Capacity, 15′ Length x 6″ Height Beam

The final selection in our review is the Vestil FHS-2-15 Fixed Height Steel Gantry Crane. It has the most affordable price amongst the all others above-mentioned. As well as it is cheaper than the others, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

The FHS is very similar to the AHS models but with a little bit of difference. It is designed to be fixed height whereas the others come with the advantage of variable heights. With a fixed height of 126 inches, it has an overall length of 177 inches and the width is 64.5 inches.

It is more economical than permanent ones. Its convenient flexibility with a 1-ton lifting capacity will speed up your work efficiently.


It is made of steel with a blue powder coating. That means it’s more indefectibly than the ordinary ones. The powder coating paint provides a long-lasting lifetime.


You won’t get any hoist and trolley with it. But for the affordable price, you can save enough money to spend on the other necessities.

Choosing the Perfect Gantry Crane – The Ultimate Buying Guide you will Ever Need!

Crane Dreamnight shadow
Crane Dreamnight shadow

Before purchasing a gantry crane online it’s very important to consider a few things. At first, think about your needs. What would be the main purpose of that?
If you are working on a garage, it might be for lifting heavy engines out of vehicles. In this case, you must consider the weight lifting capacity. Or, you may use it for shifting heavyweight products around in a warehouse.
If so, your consideration should about be the moving and transporting specs.
So, it’s all about your needs.

Another important thing to consider is the height. The minimum height should be smaller than the ceiling of the workspace. Most of our preferred gantry cranes come with the height-adjustable specification.
And the last thing you need to know is that these cranes don’t come with a complete package. You have to buy additional parts to complete the setup, such as a hoist or a trolley. So, calculate your budget properly before ordering.

The Best Gantry Cranes

So, you’re looking for a gantry crane. Right?

Not only a gantry, but you also wanna pick the best one out there. No?

If I don’t guess wrong, probably you work in a garage? or in a machine shop? or anywhere else where you need to work with much heavier stuff? And that’s why you’re looking for the best gantry crane that can lift and hold extremely heavy things; and will make your job much easier.

So, here it is.

This is going to be probably the most comprehensive guide on this topic with some of the best gantry crane reviews on the entire Internet – lmao!

In this article, you’ll get everything you need to know about choosing the best gantry cranes from the crowd, where and how to use them. I’ll review every part and particle of my hand-picked products from their nuts and bolts to the wheels – placed at the bottom of the cranes.

How a Gantry Crane will Simplify Your Tasks

Using a gantry crane, you alone can lift and move anything which usually requires almost 10 guys without it. (I’m no kidding.)

Gantry cranes are normally used to hoist heavy materials like engines, machines, etc, and hold that in place to work on it. You can also use a gantry for loading and unloading things on the truck. Portable gantry cranes could be moved around to get the job done anywhere in the workstation.


A gantry crane is a must-have tool in your garage. Most of the time, a gantry is used to bring a car engine out of the bonnet, hold that until the work is done, and set the engine back to the car.

It is also used to load and unload heavy equipment in the garage or machine shops from the truck.

If you have a small boat, it might be difficult for you to mount the engine on the boat. But using a gantry crane, you can very easily hoist the engine and hold it up until you set that up to the boat completely. And, you can also lift that whole boat off/onto trailers using just a gantry.

Worrying about the space the gantry will eat up? Though it takes a fair amount of space, you can save a lot of that with proper planning. Place the crane on any side of your garage and then put anything underneath it – like a car, your pickup truck, or a generator.


In the factories and warehouses, forklifts are used to move heavy things. But you can’t always use forklifts for every single task. It has some limitations as well. For its size, sometimes forklifts can’t go to every corner of the room. In that case, consider using a gantry.

In some other cases, people use Jib cranes. But the problem is, Jib cranes are permanently installed into the wall or onto a poured concrete foundation. So you can’t work outside of the jib cranes boundary.

But with the same cost, a portable gantry crane offers more flexibility and versatility than a conventional jib crane. It can perform the same as a jib crane but can be moved to anywhere you need.

Interesting, huh?

Wanna know more?

Get ready to dive into the best gantry crane reviews of the year.

Titan Telescopic (Adjustable Height) Gantry Crane

Titan 0.5 ton , Titan 1 ton , Titan 1.5 ton , Titan 2 ton.

The Titan telescopic gantry cranes are ideal to use in the garage. There are different models of these cranes with different lifting capacities, ranging from 1/2 ton to 1, 1.5 & 2 tons.

These portable gantry cranes are easily collapsible. So, when you need to ship the crane, you can easily set apart the Titan gantry crane into pieces and take it with you. When you won’t need to use the crane for a long time like on vacations, this collapsibility will come in handy for storage.

Most Efficient Alternative to Jack Stands

You’ll really love to work with your ATV’s, lawn tractors, and trailers using this crane instead of ramps or jack stands. Ramps/Jack stands have some limitations, one is, these will always be in your way as you work. Working on the underside of the vehicles would be a bit tricky then. But using the Titan telescopic gantry crane, you can even lift the entire unit and reach every corner of the vehicle. It’ll make your job much easier to work on the bottom side of your ATV, trailer, and lawn tractor.

Let’s see what other features it has at a quick glance.

  1. Height Adjust-ability.
  2. Portable gantry crane with collapsible construction.
  3. Easy to use Hand-winding handles to adjust the height.
  4. Ratcheting handles to adjust the height.
  5. Four swivel casters for easy movement.
  6. Top locking casters for a steady base.
  7. Space efficient size for storing in the garage.

These features have made this one of the best portable gantry cranes on the market.

Height Adjust Ability

One of the most important features to look at a gantry crane is its height adjust-ability. On the garage, you might need the crane sometimes inside the garage house and sometimes out of it. But the problem is, the ceiling and the door height are fixed, those aren’t flexible. So, while you can work with a taller gantry in the yard, you won’t put that back into the garage when required.

But the Titan telescopic height adjustable gantry crane has no limitations at this point. With its

  • Height adjustable booms with
  • Hand-winding & ratcheting handles and
  • Locking pins,

You can easily raise and lower the crane height depending on your needs. Nothing will hold you back from hitting your best performance. So, how’ll these components come in handy?

Larger Height Adjustable Booms

While working in the garage, you’ll need to bring the gantry crane in and out. If the ceiling height is low or the door isn’t big enough, you won’t need to hesitate for the large height of the gantry. Titan telescopic gantry cranes height-adjustable booms let you adjust the height of the crane as low as 94″ to as high as 144″. So there is no need to worry about the door or ceiling height.

This feature also comes in handy while working with different-sized vehicles. A pickup truck usually highs about 72.2 to 77.2″. So, you can easily set the crane up in the proper position and bring out the engine from the vehicle.

Easy to Operate Hand-wind and Ratcheting Handles to Adjust the Height

Conventional old days gantry cranes needed extra effort to adjust their heights. You need to get the assistance of a forklift or other tools to do it. Sometimes it requires 2 or even more guys to do it. That’s totally a mess! In a busy workplace, who has the time to spend just only to raise or lower the height of a gantry?

Using the attached height adjustable handles, only 2 guys or you alone can raise or lower the height of the gantry. You won’t need any extra tools or get the help of a forklift. There are two variants of handles with this gantry to choose from.

  • Hand-wind handles.
  • Ratcheting handles.
Hand-wind Handles |

Just slightly wind both handles on each side of the gantry, and the booms will start ascending. You can do this alone or get help from your buddy to do the job quickly.

Ratcheting Handles |

These handles contain short levers that hook on to the pins of the booms which support it. Your job is to just pull on the lever and then set a pin to lock it.

Locking Pins |

Both variants come with locking pins that set the crane height to a fixed position.

4 Top Locking Swivel Casters

Titan gantry crane has 4 top locking swivel casters at the bottom. These will give you the max maneuverability while using the gantry.

The top locking system will lock the wheels to give the gantry a straight and sturdy base. It’ll allow the items to be locked into a specific location as required. So, you’ll get the most control and maneuverability as you work.

But there’s a problem, the casters attached to the gantry look a bit small. You can’t transport heavy stuff using this. It’s only made to hoist heavy loads.

Note | You’ll need to purchase the beam trolley and hoist separately.

Vestil Adjustable and Fixed Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes (1500 – 6000 lbs.)

All Vestil AHA Gantry Cranes

The Vestil gantry cranes come with a bunch of interesting features that’ll surely make your job much easier. It has –

  • Lightweight Aluminum construction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Collapsible body structure
  • Lightweight I-beam
  • 4 Swivel casters with position locks
  • Large 8″ diameter caster wheels
  • Height adjustability

Note | Fixed height models of these cranes have similar features as well, just with a different code name – ‘Vestil FHA Gantry Cranes’.

Aluminum Construction

The most important feature of the Vestil AHA series gantry cranes is their full aluminum body which makes them different from all other competitors. Aluminum construction made the crane lightweight and rigid which is so useful when you’ll move around the unit. You can very easily move the crane to your desired position without spending much effort.

It’s perfect for outdoor usage. Whether you put it under the shade or let it undergo the heavy rain on the outside, there’s no need to tension for its aluminum, corrosion-resistant construction.

Collapsible Structure

Each leg of this gantry is divided into three parts. As you see in the picture, the center post has an ‘A-shaped joint at the end of it to adjust the other two legs.

image from vestil

It’ll look like this after assembling.

image from vestil

When you’ll need to store it or move it anywhere, you can easily take the two single legs from the A-shaped hand and tie them up in a linear position like this –

image from vestil

So, whether you put this gantry on the storage or on the truck to move, in both cases, this will save you a lot of space. You can bring it up where ever you want – a job sight through a doorway, through a roof hatch, etc. It’s so easy to move around the site, and easy to assemble.

Height Adjustability

You won’t gonna use this crane at the same application every time. It’s gonna be moved from place to place, so it needs to be adjustable on height. You can see that there’s a locking pin on the A-shaped joint. You can pull out this pin and the entire gantry can be lifted up.

image from vestil

Height is adjustable in 6″ increments. It has a lightweight I-beam that allows height adjustment without the need for a hoist or fork truck.

Note | There are also fixed height models as well.

Swivel Casters with Position Lock

This portable gantry crane has 4 swivel casters in each corner at the bottom. You can freely move the gantry wherever you want to take it. Sometimes you might need to only push the gantry forward and backward, or left and right – especially when loading/unloading heavy loads from a truck. You can lock the casters in 1 of 4 using the position locking system of the casters, which will set the wheels in a specific direction.

Large 8″ Diameter Caster Wheels

Larger caster wheels make the moving of the gantry ease. The Vestil AHA Gantry Cranes with 2K to 4K lb capacity models comes with glass-filled swivel casters & the 6K lb capacity unit has phenolic casters.

Note | You’ll need to purchase the beam trolley and hoist separately.

Vestil AHA-PNU Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Crane with Pneumatic Casters

The Vestil AHA-PNU Gantry Crane series has all the features of the AHA series I’ve discussed above. These portable gantry cranes have –

  • Lightweight Aluminum construction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Collapsible body structure
  • Lightweight I-beam
  • 4 Swivel casters with position locks
  • Large 8″ diameter caster wheels
  • Height adjustability

So why I’m mentioning it here if both series are almost the same? Because of its one special feature. That is its –

Pneumatic Caster Wheels

Pneumatic caster wheels guarantee maximum floor protection. Meaning that these air-filled rubber wheels won’t make any scratch on the floor.

Pneumatic casters don’t make noise when it gets in friction with the floor. That allows the users to quietly move the gantry to each corner of the workstation.

These wheels are ideal to use on any type of surface. Whether you’re rolling over it on a flat concrete floor or rough surfaces with gravel on it, the gantry will run quietly and smoothly.

Pneumatic wheels provide cushioning and shock absorption, making them ideal for moving fragile loads over a variety of floor surfaces.

Note | You’ll need to purchase the beam trolley and hoist separately. You can only purchase these gantry cranes with 1,500 lbs of uniform capacity.

Vestil Adjustable and Fixed Height Steel Gantry Cranes (10 – 8000 lbs.)

Vestil AHSN , Vestil AHS , Vestil FHSN (Not AMAZON) , Vestil FHS

Vestil gantry crane lineup has 4 series of steel-made industrial gantry cranes. Vestil AHSN and AHS, these two series come with adjustable height features. And Vestil ‘Vestil FHS’ and ‘Vestil FHSN’ gantry cranes are fixed height gantry cranes.

These portable gantry cranes are solid steel constructed with a painted blue finish, which will provide years of service. Both series provide the same features. The only difference is their height adjustability. Let’s take a look at the common features –

  • Industrial Gantry Cranes with Solid Steel Construction
  • Provides years of service
  • Quick setup design
  • Swivel Casters with Roller Bearings
  • 4 Position Locking Swivel Casters
  • Optional Total Locking Casters
  • Large 8″ diameter Phenolic/Glass-filled nylon/Steel caster wheels.
  • More Economical and Flexible than Permanent Cranes
  • Height is adjustable in 6″ increments.

Quick Setup Design

Vestil AHSN and FHSN series have a quick setup design for compact storage and easier transportation. These cranes are specially designed to be disassembled when not in use.

Swivel Casters with Roller Bearings

Each crane of Vestil AHSN, AHS, FHSN, and FHS series has swivel casters with roller bearings. The swivel casters give the gantry maximum maneuverability. These casters have roller bearings instead of ball bearings.

What’s Special About the Bearings? | Ball and roller bearings basically do the same things – carrying loads while minimizing friction. But they have some differences in construction and performance.

Ball bearings use balls and roller bearings use cylindrical units to lower the friction between moving parts of the bearings. The main limitation of ball bearings is that the amount of surface where the ball is contacting the rail is limited. This creates an inherent strength limit for the balls.

Roller bearings, on the other hand, have an entire line of contact. This greatly increases the rigidity, stability, and maximum load capacity of the system. That’s why roller bearings perform way better than ball bearings for a gantry.

The best part?

You’ll get all the benefits of roller bearings in your Vestil gantry cranes.

Position Locking and Total Locking Swivel Caters

You’ll have two options to choose from two different locking features of the swivel casters.

  • 4 Position Locking Swivel Casters &,
  • Total Locking Swivel Casters.
4 Position Locking Swivel Casters

You can lock the rotation of the swivel casters and set the wheels directing in 1 of 4 positions using this locking system. Then you’ll be able to easily push the whole gantry forward and pull that back, move from left to right, and vice versa.

Total Locking Casters

In total locking casters, you can lock both rotations of the swivel caster and the movement of the caster wheels. This will give you enough steady base while working.

Large 8″ Diameter Caster Wheels

Small caster wheels aren’t substantial enough to move heavy cranes. That’s why the Vestil Gantry Cranes has large 8″ diameter caster wheels that make moving of the gantry ease.

Cranes with 2K to 4K lbs lifting capacity come with glass-filled nylon caster wheels. These casters are ideal to work on carpet, brick, concrete, linoleum, asphalt, terrazo, wooden, smooth steel, ribbed steel, and tiled floors.

6K to 8K models have phenolic caster wheels which are ideal to work on carpet, brick, concrete, smooth steel, ribbed steel floors.

You’ll get steel caster wheels with 10K units. These wheels are only preferred to work on the concrete or smooth steel surface.

Note | You’ll need to purchase the beam trolley and hoist separately.

Steel Gantry Crane Power Traction Drive


Steel gantry cranes are very heavy, usually, weigh about 700 to over 1500 lbs. The higher the lifting capacity, the heavier the cranes become. Vestil AHSN series 2,000 lbs capacity crane has a weight of 876 lbs, which has the least lifting capacity in the lineup. And, the crane with the highest lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs weighs 1355 lbs.

It’d be so harder to move these colossal gantries alone. Sometimes it might even require 3 to 4 men. If you need to move your gantry multiple time a day, then you can consider attaching this Steel Gantry Crane Power Traction Driver at the bottom of your crane.

This tool has 2 models. GPTD-2 has 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. capacity. GPTD-4 6,000 to 8,000 lbs capacity.

You’ll Never Need More than a Single Person to Move the Gantry

This power traction driver option for your steel gantry is ideal for an industrial manufacturing environment. You know, there are all the busy people. Wasting 4 men’s time just to move a gantry doesn’t worth it there. You can alone move that heavy crane that weighs thousands of lbs, to the desired position – simply using a controller with 3 push buttons. All you need to do is,

  • Remove the existing swivel casters and install this super-efficient ‘Power Traction Driver Option’ to your workstation.
  • Install V-groove track in your desired position.
  • Put the gantry over the V-groove track.

The driver will be driven by 460V, 3 phase power.

Things to Consider Before Buying

From lifting to moving heavyweight products around your warehouse, it will make your job easier. It could solve the problems which you may face in the working time. Simplifying the difficulties will release you from the annoying stuff. You will be able to do the lifting and transporting jobs more accurately with this efficient tool.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice. Ask yourself about your needs, think about your work. Do you work with heavyweight things? How much lifting ability do you need?
And the most important question is how durable the product is?

I would never spend money on a low-quality product that is going to be replaced in a short while. I highly recommend considering durability first, thus it can produce a great impact in the long run.

These cranes are very essential for your workspace. It will help you to complete the tasks easily with safety. Now it’s your take to take heed and make a worthwhile decision. So, which one you are considering buying?

Simple & Easy to Follow

Before deciding which gantry to buy, make sure you have a clear idea about your needs and top to bottom of the features you expect on your unit. You may forget about some points, so I’ve made this checklist to help you.

  • Exactly, what tasks you’re going to accomplish?
  • Do you need to just hoist car engines and other garage stuff? Or do you want to lift larger stuff like big machines?
  • What might be the maximum weight you would need to lift? Then pick up a gantry crane with a few more lbs capacity.
  • Where do you work? Do you work in a garage? Or in a machine shop? factories?
  • Depending on your workplace, you’ll need different capacity gantry cranes with different construction. If you usually don’t need to put the gantry outside, then you won’t have to much worry about corrosion. But if you constantly work outside with the gantry, then corrosion resistance must be an important factor.
  • Another thing to consider is weight. Do you want a lighter gantry, or you’re OK with conventional steel made heavy cranes?
  • Following your preference, choose a steel made gantry or one that has aluminum construction.
  • Keep in mind the floor. Do you work on a surface where you don’t want to make scratch – like tiled or resin floor? or there’s no need to worry about it?
  • Choose the caster wheel type for your gantry depending on this matter. There are many types of caster wheels out there like cast iron or semi-steel wheels which are only preferred for concrete or smooth steel surface.
  • Phenolic casters have a wider choice. You can run these wheels on carpet, brick, concrete, smooth steel, ribbed steel floors.
  • Glass-filled nylon, Pneumatic, Polyurethane molded cast iron/Polyolefin caster wheels are ideal to work on carpet, brick, concrete, linoleum, asphalt, terrazo, wooden, smooth steel, ribbed steel, and tiled floors.
  • Each caster has its own pros and cons.
  • Check the features of the casters. Are they swivel or rigid casters? Do the casters have locking ability? Which type of locking do the casters have?

How to Differentiate the Gantry Cranes and Choose Your Desired One

Of all the gantry cranes I’ve reviewed above, the Vestil gantry cranes have the largest collection with so many models. That might confuse you. Let me help you to understand the code names and other related things.

Vestil provides 8 different series of gantry cranes. They differ from each other depending on the features.

  • Fixed Steel Gantry Cranes (FHS)
  • Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes (AHS)
  • Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes (AHA)
  • Fixed Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes (FHA)
  • Adjustable Steel Gantry Cranes – Knockdown (AHSN)
  • Work Area Portable Steel Gantry Cranes (FPG)
  • Fixed Height Steel Gantry Cranes – Knockdown (FHSN)
  • Adjustable Height Aluminum Gantry Cranes with Pneumatic Casters (AHA-PNU)

All the cranes have code names with similar patterns. The name is divided into 4 parts. Let’s see an example – Vestil AHS-6-15-12 steel adjustable gantry crane.

Here, AHS means ‘Adjustable Height Steel’. For fixed height cranes, that would be changed to FHS which means ‘Fixed height Steel’.

If the crane has aluminum construction, the code name will start with AHA or FHA which refers to ‘Adjustable / Fixed Height Aluminum’

The first number of the name indicates the cranes’ capacity. In this case, Vestil AHS-6-15-12 cranes maximum lifting capacity is 6K lbs.

The second number refers to the crane length in feet. And the third number means the overall height of the crane in feet. So, our example model has an overall length of almost 15 feet and a height of 12 feet.

Following this technique, you’ll easily identify the capacity, overall length, and height of any Vestil gantry crane and choose your ones.


As you read, not all gantry cranes are suitable for every type of work. Each has different features for various purposes. Your job is to simply identify your own needs and find out which gantry perfectly meets your expectation. Take a look at your workplace, make a checklist of your desired features, and then inspect the cranes to find which will fit you.