5 Best Chicken Coop Heater of 2021

Keeping the chicks warm is a very important part of cherishing them and a chicken coop heater is the easiest and smartest way to do that. That’s why people look for the best chicken coop heater to keep their chicks warm so that the chicks can live better.

People relied only on brooder lamps for many years. But this can be dangerous as it attracts flying insects which may harm the chicks. The recent innovation in brooder heater has been blessing and innovative coop heaters have been introduced and we’re getting full advantages of those.

Quick Product Table for busy people:

SWEETER HEATER Infrared Heater for Chicks & Pets, Overhead 11×40, 150 Watt

Infrared Chicken Coop Heater

Our Rating: 4.6

Cozy Products CL Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts Safer Than Brooder Lamps, One Size, Black

Flat Panel Chicken Coop Heater

Our Rating: 4.3

Hurricane Radiant Heater | Analog Heater w/ Adjustable Thermostat

Oil Filled Radiant Chicken Coop Heater

Our Rating: 3.7

Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder for Chicks or Ducklings

EcoGlow Brooder for Chicks or Ducklings

Our Rating: 4.2


Brooder Lamp Heater

Our Rating: 4.3

Chicken Brooder Heater- Best of Different Types:

This is not easy to find the best chick brooder heater as there are different types of chicken coop warmer available on the market. As people suffer from choosing the warmer type and model and hesitate about if the warmer can manage the chicks or not; we decided to write an ultimate guide on the chicken coop heat lamp. We reviewed the best warmer of each type so that you can pick the best heater fast of the type you want. So, why are you wasting time? Let’s start-

SWEETER HEATER Infrared Heater for Chicks & Pets, Overhead 11×40, 150 Watt

For the infrared chicken coop heater, our pick for the best is the Sweeter Heater’s 150 watt Overhead Heater. The Sweeter Heater’s 150 watt infrared heater is reliable, safe, indestructible and energy efficient. The manufacturer, Sweeter Heater is a reputed and trusted manufacturer and their products have been tested and proven by the customers since 1995. As like other products of the manufacturer, the 150 watt overhead infrared heater is also a great product and has been serving the customer for many years.

This infrared heater uses less power and provides a developed uniform heat pattern without any hotspot. It means all the space under the heater gets equal heat. Do you know what temperature can chickens tolerate? It knows and it’ll take care of it. So you don’t worry about the chicks to be placed. All of them will get convenient heat at the same time, significantly. And the internal thermostat of the heater will shut it off automatically if the heat isn’t allowed to escape. Because of this feature, you can stay worry-free, always. The heater will take care of it and the chicks itself.

This 150 watt overhead infrared heater comes with included chain and hooks that allow you to mount this heater easily and more effectively. The overhead mount system is available in this unit for suspending overheats. This unit is 150 watt and able to cover a great area for your chicks. This single unit is able to provide soft uniform infrared heat for 440 square inches and take care of 50-75 chicks. You can easily set it up approximately 6-20 inches over the chicks to be warmed.

This unit is not only ideal for chick’s brooder, but also ideal for rabbits, bees, whelping areas, goats, kennel runs, dog and cat houses/crates, farrowing units, and bird and reptile cages. This is considered as one of the best chicken house heaters. This unit is unbreakable and sealed. So you can wash it if needed. In addition, this heater is designed to keep the animals warm, not the environment. This infrared heater is fully adjustable to maintain the ideal comfort level for your chicks.


Reliable, safe, indestructible and energy efficient;
Overhead mount with included hook and chain;
Power saving, uniform heat pattern with no hot spot;
Internal thermostat for the optimal heating system;
Unbreakable sealed unit, can be washed;
Able to cover up to 440 square inches of space;


No noticeable cons found!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. Can it be plugged into an extension cord safely?

-Yes, it can be.

2. Is it able to heat the whole cooper?

-Actually, it depends on space. A single unit of this product can provide heat for up to 440 square inches.

3. Where is the heater made?

-This product is made in the USA.

Cozy Products CL Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts

For the flat panel chicken coop heater, our pick for the best is the Cozy Products Safe Chicken Coop Heater. This flat panel coop heater is very safe for the chickens. It is energy star certified and uses less power of 200 watts only which saves your utility bill. This heater is perfect for chickens, small chicks and other small animals in the house. It delivers perfect heat for the animals so you can be worry-free about the animal during the cold season.

This unit is a flat panel coop heater so there is no bulb and you won’t have trouble of replacing the bulbs. The flat panel chicken coop heater is one of the best coop heater types that are available right now. Additionally, this type of heater is very easy to install and use. It has 6 inches long cord so you can easily connect it and it’s able to cover up to 50 square feet space. On the other hand, this unit offers 2-speed setting that allows you to change the heat setting when needed.

This ETL listed imported coop heater offers you mountable on wall feature along with feet. You can mount this heater to the wall or can use on the ground with its feet. The design of this flat panel coop heater is very effective and it can distribute safe but efficient heat in order to provide warmth and comfort to the chickens and chicks inside your coop. it looks like a flat-screen TV and can be placed anywhere near the coop.

This flat panel coop heater primarily uses radiant heating technology which is actually the transfer of heat from one object to another one. This unit’s certified Zero-Clearance reduces fire hazards, tripped circuit breakers and energy consumption. This is a GO GREEN product that warms your poultry only, not the planet. You can also save money by turning down the thermostat. It keeps the coop warm without overheating the entire coop space.


Imported, ETL and Energy Star certified;
2-speed heat settings;
Uses low energy of 200 watts only;
Easy to install and easy to use;
Able to cover up to 50 square feet coop area;
Mountable on walls or use with feet;
Safe and efficient heat distribution;


It can’t provide heat to entire coop;

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. Can this hater be connected to a heavy-duty extension cord?

-Yes, it can be.

2. How many square feet can this heater cover?

– This heater can cover up to 50 square feet area.

3. Is this heater waterproof?

-Nope. But it works fine in wet weather.

3. Oil Filled Radiant Chicken Coop Heater:

For the oil-filled radiant chicken coop heater, our pick for the best is the Hurricane Radiant Analog Heater. This analog oil filled heater is a whole room oil filled style heater which is able to keep the entire chicken coop warm. This analog heater comes with digital thermostat that allows you to choose the suitable temperature for your chicks. So, you can easily adjust the temperature to the optimal level what your chicks need. Additionally, this unit proudly offers ultra-quiet operation so its operation doesn’t disrupt the sleeping of your chicks.

This ETL listed heater has a radiant style heating system that maximizes the amount of radiant heat. This style ensures a low surface temperature that provides optimal heat to the chicks in the brooder. It also offers 3 head settings that allow you to make the heating more effective. This unit provides 1500 watts of heating power which is good enough for a chicken brooder.

The Hurricane radiant heater is highly portable and offers you wheeled design that let you move the heater to any place with ease. You can easily transport the heater if you feel you should place it to a different position. It’s really awesome, isn’t it? If you like classic and energy effective chicken coop heater then we can ensure you that this unit can be your perfect choice.  

And most importantly, thins analog radiant heater comes with a built-in safety switch which turns the heat off if the radiator in knocked over unfortunately. This safety feature is a great addition to a heater that provides you better safety and keeps you worry-free. You can depend on this heater and take a worry-free nap.


Suitable temperature because of the digital thermostat.
Ultra-quiet operation; ETL certified;
Built-in safety switch to turn the heat off if the radiator knocks over
Compact and portable wheeled design;
Offers 3 different head settings;
Maximizes the radiant heat because of the radiant style heater;
Ensures low surface temperature;


Not good for quick heating;

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. Does the heater turn off automatically if it tips over?

-Yes, it shuts off automatically.

2. Does the heater have 70 degrees or 90 degrees oscillation?

-Yes, it has.

3. Does this heater have a timer?

-Yes, it has.

4. Brooding Plate Chicken Coop Heater:

For the brooding plate chicken coop heater, our pick for the best is the Brinsea EcoGlow Chicks Brooder. This chick brooder is the best among all types of coop heaters. This chick’s brooder is the far safer brooder comparing with other brooders. This brooder uses a low wattage heat lamp for chicks that provides an ambient temperature for the chicks. And because of using low wattage it also saves great power. This single heater is able to support up to 20 chicks, birds of ducklings in your own house. Just place the brooder is a flat place where it won’t get an accidental kick and introduce it to your chicks.

The brooder won’t get damaged because of the water so you don’t need to worry if the chicks accidentally put down the water pot. This brooder heater is designed to keep the chicks warm under the coop brooder without any kind of harm. This kit comes with included operational 12 volts from the main transformer and uses small heat lamps. It also consumes up to 18 watts of electricity that helps to not only serves you the best, but also saves your money.  The low-temperature heater produces ambient heat that keeps the chicks very comfortable. It also has 10 feet included power cable so you can extend your reach.

This brooder heater is quite compact and portable. It is also easy to install and operate. You can disassemble and carry it easily when you need. Actually, this little portable heater is made for extreme economical use in your house and this one is highly able to do the job perfectly. This little compact brooder is able to take the proper care of your lovely chicks. This EcoGlow coop brooder heater is easy assembling, durable and easy to use unit. You can simply use it without any kind of major trouble. You can assemble or disassemble the kit simply with its easy-assemble feature within a moment whenever you need to. This heater has great durability that keeps you worry-free and lets you use the kit for a long time. 

The cabinet of the kit is made of antimicrobial polyurethane plastic that provides extreme durability and resistance to bacterial contamination. Polyurethane plastic is nonconductive and it has good abrasion, chemical, and UV radiation resistance. It’s also resistant to oil, electricity, heat, weather, tearing, ozone and various chemicals. In addition, there is a built-in indicator light that lets you know if the brooder is connected or not. Pretty good, nah?

You can simply adjust the height to adjust the heating temperature of the Brinsea EcoGlow chick brooder as it offers you 3 different height adjustment setups that help a lot to provide the convenient temperature to the chicks depending on the size, number and age. Besides, you have to make the height higher when the chicks grow bigger. And this brooder heater allows you to do it significantly in a moment where other kits need difficult efforts and time.


3 different adjustable height settings;
Durable, portable and easy-assemble brooder;
Safer than any other coop heaters;
Suitable for all ages of chicks;
Built-in connection indicator light;
10 feet connection cord for extended reach;


Not able to provide a lot of heat;

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. Does this unit work well for silky chicken?

-Yes, it is pretty good for all types of chicken.

2. Is it good for ducklings?

– Yes, it is. You can use it for chicks, ducklings and small birds.

3. How can I monitor the temperature of this heater?

– You don’t need to. The brooder provides a significant temperature automatically. Your chicks will get comfortable temperature under the brooder, all the time.

5. Brooder Lamp Heater:

For the brooder lamp heater, our pick for the best is the Rite Farm Products’ 250 watt Red Heat Lamp Bulb. Some people still like to use heat bulb to keep the chicks in the coop brooder in the cold seasons. This is a traditional and easy way to keep the chicks warm.

The Rite Farm Products’ red heat lamp is a 250-watt bulb which provides radiant heat to the cooper. This bulb is able to keep your chicks and small pets livestock warm. This bulb is of 110 volts and comes with US standard light socket E27 so you can easily install it in your chick’s room.

A single bulb can keep 50 newly hatched chicks warm. This is really a good heat lamp for baby chicks. The chicks will get convenient heat from the bulb. And for better heating service, adjust the bulb height. Make sure that your chicks remain minimum 24 inches away from the bulb. Otherwise, the chicks can be harmed.

The lifespan of a bulb is about 6 to 8 months in moderate use. It’s good enough. You can use it for a long time. This bulb is able to serve you significantly. This unit can also be used as heat lamp bulb for chickens. It performs pretty well for chickens too. You may wonder how much is a heat lamp? Well, it’s cheap enough. The price starts from 5 bulks only.


Provides radiant heat;
110 volt 250-watt red brooder bulb;
Comes with US standard E27 light socket;
Able to provide heat for up to 50 newly hatched chicks;
A good lifespan;


Using a heat lamp isn’t a good practice;

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. How long is the lifespan of a bulb?

– A bulb usually lasts for 6-8 months.

2. What is the dimension?

-The dimension of a bulb is 6x6x6 inches.

3. How many Kelvin?

– 522.04°K = 480°F. Please make sure to keep a minimum distance of 24 inches from the bulb.

Other Ways to Keep the Chicken Coop Warm:

There are some other ways you can keep your chick coop warm. They are not popular enough, but still works. Some of those are listed here-

1. Light Bulb:

If you don’t have other choices then you can use simple light bulbs to heat the chicken coop. A 40 watt general light bulb can put out enough heat to increase the temperature of the coop a few degrees effectively. Just make sure that you set the light in the right height. Please note that, don’t apply this method for flying birds.

2. Solar Heater:

You might hear about solar chicken coop heater. The solar chicks coop heater is actually a whole idea. You can build it yourself. This method is actually for commercial use, not for economical use. It suits best for the chicken firm. In this method, solar panels are used to collect solar energy and used it as power. In this method, light bulb or brooder lamp heater is used as the heater.

When & Why Should You Use a Coop Heater?

Check out pros & cons of chicken coop heater.

Using the chicken coop heater has great importance. But you should know first when and why you should use a chicken coop heater. Now, we’ll try to discuss it with you so that you can decide if you really need to use a chicken coop heater or not; and if yes then when you should use it. So, let’s go and join the discussion-

Why You Should Use a Chicken Coop Brooder?

Well, the chicken coop brooder is mainly used to keep the chicken warm. When the weather is cold and your chicken room doesn’t hot enough then your chickens get harm by the cold. In order to avoid this unwanted situation, you should use chicken coop heater.

Another reason is the chick. The newly hatched chicks cannot tolerate cold and can be dead because of the lack of warmness. Cold is the biggest enemy of chicks. So, in order to save the chicks and keep their natural growth, you should use chicken coop heater.

When You Should Use a Chicken Coop Heater?

When you find your chicks or chickens aren’t getting enough heat, you should use a chicken coop heater then. A chicken’s core temperature runs between 105-107°F normally; and a baby chick’s temperature is slightly lower at 103.5°F. It will rise as the chick matures until it reaches adult levels. So, you should use a heater always for the chicks and in the cold weather for the adult chickens. Please note that, ventilation in the coop is also important; don’t forget that.

Dangers of Heating the Coop:

Not only advantages, but there are also some dangers of heating the coop with a coop heater. Some of them are mentioned below. Make sure that you keep an eye on these dangers to avoid unwanted troubles.


When the heater increases the heat in the coop, the humidity is also increased as well. This increases the chance of frostbite to chicks with large combs and wattles. Remember, you should keep the temperature of the coop between 32°F-40°F.


If the power of the heater goes off and the temperature of the coop drops quickly then the chicks may die because they cannot cope with the sudden drastic change. Be aware of it. Try to keep an eye on them.


So, finally, we are at the end! We hope you read this full article carefully and enjoyed. We’ll be glad if you’re helped by our guide. We have reviewed the best chicken coop heater of every type with details. Just go and grab the one that is able to fulfill all of your requirements.

If you have further question or need any solution about chicken coop heater, then feel free to ask us. Just comment below and we’ll try to get back to you soon with proper solution. We’ll be happy if we can help you. Good luck for your chicks and stay blessed!

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