best Kohler engine reviews

What’s the most necessary tool you need so badly in the grass cutting season, every year? It’s the lawn mower. A better lawn mower can bring your lawn mowing job to another level. And, the most considerable part of the mower is its engine. A better engine makes a better mower.

Imagine an engine that comes with better power but no hassle of carburetors, which performs like a pro but saves you $1 every single hour. It’s not a tale. I’m talking about the best Kohler engine.

With the unique EFI technology, Kohler makes a better engine that will let you enjoy your lawn mowing job with the joy of a sunny day.

Kohler Co. provides a large variety of engines that comes with a bunch of useful features and individual use abilities. You’ll have many options to choose from a variety of engine types. Some engines run with different fuels like Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas, Tri fuel; some are for lawn and garden, whereas the others are ideal industrial construction. They’ve engines with a different number of cylinders including – single, four, three, twin, etc.

So whether you need an engine to work in the lawn, garden to golf course maintenance or, industrial construction to power generation — Kohler has a variety of choices for you.

In this article, you’ll find some of the best Kohler engines reviews from their large collection. So, without talking further ado, let’s see what I’ve picked for you guys.

Kohler Courage XT650

If you’re looking for a better engine for a walk-behind mower, then the Kohler courage XT series would be the perfect choice for its design, which makes mowing so much effortless. With the combination of reliability and performance, these engines will bring your mower’s performance to another level.

The Innovative Fuel Tank Design

These engines are full of useful features and technologies like the latest Accu-fill, which is a better way to fill your fuel tank. So, what is Accu-fill?

Most mowers contain a vertical fuel neck, but the Accu-fill features an angled fuel neck with a 45% larger opening, which will reduce your fuel from spilling. It will make filling the tank quick and easy.

And that’s not the end!

Most Accu-fill systems also have a red fuel level indicator, which will reduce the further spilling of the fuel. So you can see the gas level when filling the tank and stop filling when it approaches the line.

Starts Smoothly with Smart-Choke

This Kohler courage XT engine also comes with the all-new technology called Smart-choke. It lets you start your engine just like your car. It saves you time and releases from the hassle by automatically managing the startup process and makes it easier to start the engine’s hot or cold conditions.

It comes with the easy pull recoil starter, which lets you enjoy the easy pulling. By reducing the friction, it decreases the pulling effort. So you can start the engine just by your fingertips.

There’s more!

This engine and all of the courage XT series engines contain an energy saver electric start, which provides turnkey, effortless starts. This feature extends battery life by using less energy.

Kohler 7000 Series KT740 Engine 

– Get the Best Yard on the Block

If you’re looking for an engine that provides enough power and efficiency with longer engine life, then the Kohler 7000 series KT740 engine might be the right choice for you. It provides a 2X longer engine life.

Want to know how?

Superb Construction

It is lined with cast iron instead of aluminum. It features enhanced air, oil, and fuel filter capacity for its advanced filtration package.

The unique feature – pressure lubrication keeps well lubricated the sensitive components inside the engine. So the engine life can extend, which makes it another best kohler engine. That’s why I’ve picked the KT740 for the Kohler 7000 series engine reviews.

Starts at Any Condition

Imagine, your mower can start just like your car! Don’t you need such an engine like that? With the smart-choke technology, Kohler 7000 series engines make it happen. Whether the engine is hot or cold, it starts immediately and gets ready to go.

And the coolest part is –

It’s The Big Boy!

It comes with consistent-cut technology, which lets you keep the mowing even in tough conditions. The 25 hp, twin-cylinder gasoline engine comes with a 3 year limited warranty. The Kohler command pro commercial engine design makes it probably the best solution to get the best yard on the block.

Kohler Command Pro EFI ECH650

— Save Your Hard Earned Cash

The Kohler command pro EFI finally proves that power and fuel savings, both, can co-exist together in one single engine. It lets you decrease operating and fuel costs. This modern engine is a huge money saver, reliable, and definitely a better performer. Let’s dive into our Kohler command pro reviews.

Saves You up to $500 Per Year

A comparison test between EFI vs. Carbureted engine on a 6000 square feet lawn, shown that the Kohler EFI engine can save you up to $1 per hour. The Kohler EFI engine had used 475 ml of fuel to mow the grasses of the 6000 square feet large lawn, whereas the Kawasaki FX850 carbureted engine has consumed 590 ml of fuel, which is a pretty noticeable difference.

The Kohler EFI engine saves 0.36 gallons per hour than the carbureted engine. That means you’re going to end up with $1 per hour savings.
So, around the whole year, if you use the engine for 500 hours, it’d save you up to $500. It will add a positive cash flow to your wallet. That’s why I’ve added this in my 20 hp Kohler engine review.

But there is more!

The engine can optimize its performance automatically by using its advanced sensor feature. Also, to minimize downtime, the EFI diagnostic software lets you easily and quickly troubleshoot the engine. The Kohler command pro-EFI series comes with a bunch of useful features to make your job more enjoyable. So, definitely check it out.


Using the right mower is the key to getting a gorgeous lawn. And the key to the right mower is a better engine that ensures enough power. The best Kohler engines are made to provide such performance. If you’re looking for an engine that is durable, reliable, and lasts long, then the Kohler engines are probably the right choice for you.

In my Kohler engine reviews above, I’ve reviewed the three most advanced engines from Kohler. If you are concerned about the fuel cost, then pick the Kohler command pro EFI engine. If you consider the power above all other features, then go for the Kohler 7000 series engine. That’s all about your choice.

Pick the right mower considering all of your preferences, and enjoy the mowing.