What Is The ResponseCard RF LCD?

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ResponseCard RF LCD is a device response to an audience that is used when the presenter to collect feedback from a live audience. The response device offers an elegant and simple design with the clear and concise key to participation. This device allows the participants to answer the poll question simply by pressing a button. It is a simple design with extra keys and does not have a learning curve for participants. The FCC says that the device is in accordance with Article 15 of the regulation. This device does not cause harmful interference and this device can receive interference. IC is saying that this device may not cause interference and must accept any interference.

Responsecard RF LCD

This device is suitable for presentation environments of large, medium, and small. Spectators can take advantage of advances in technology by using this device. These devices provide features that guarantee a response 10-1000. It is a device that is timely and accurate. Audience response can be received by the presenter with ease. The design of this device already has a patent. This device has a size and a compact design so that you can carry this device to anywhere.

CASE Endorsement

Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) has endorsed the device. The technology can improve the lives of students and teachers are a new breakthrough. This recognition has made this device meets all the criteria are written by the council. This device is very useful for disabled people. This tool can help students to respond to the lessons and increase participation in the classroom so that teachers can know the needs of students and increase achievement in all improve education.


You can see there is a green flash indicating that your response has been received. You can see two red flashing lights to say that the answer is a valid choice. Single yellow flashlights stating that the voting has closed. If the light is blinking amber, then this indicates the delivery response. If the lights are flashing yellow and red, then the response is not received by the presenter.

Change The Channel

You can press GO or CH Channel and enter the two-digit channel 52 and 07. You must press the GO button and CH again. A green flash appears and shows that you managed to change the channel.

The RF LCD Screen

If the transmission is successfully responding, then you bus verification of the channel. You can see the battery indicator on the device. This device uses lithium. The battery life is 6 to 12 months. LCD will display the battery indicator. You need a Philips screwdriver to replace the battery and closing the device as before.

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